दादा साहेब फाल्के अभिनय एवं फिल्म अकादमी

Makeup And Hair

Prepping The Faceimages
• Preparing the face
• Skin type analysis
• Hygiene
• Tools of the trade/brush kits
• Make up kits
• Inspirational sketch books
• Basic manicures

Perfecting & Sculpting The Face
• Understanding skin tones
• Application of foundations, powders and concealers
• Highlighting and contouring

Perfect Pouts, Perfect Cheeks
• Lip liners
• Explore the effects of nude, dark and red lipstick colours
• Altering lip shapes
• Blusher and bronzer application

Making Eyes
• Mascara and eyelash curling
• False eyelashes, single and strip
• Liquid/Kohl/Gel eyeliners
• Eyebrow shaping

Natural Beauty/Smokey Eyes

• Exploring natural vs neutral colours
• Classic smokey eyes

Mineral Make Upimages
• Understanding mineral makeup
• Mineral makeup techniques
• Creating looks with minerals

Creative Classics
• Modern Smokey eyes
• Metallic pigments
• Creating fashion makeup designs

Vintage Beauty
• Exploring 1920’S-1960’S looks
• Blocking out and reshaping eyebrows
• Reshaping lips
• Contouring and highlighting
• Transferring period looks to modern day

Catwalk Part One:
• Exploring colour for eyes, lips and face
• Colour analysis
• Creating texture with colour
• Research for catwalk makeup designs
• Designing avant garde looks

Catwalk Part 2
• Stencils/pigments
• Using found objects such as gemstones/feathers
• Creating drawings on the skin
• Customizing false eyelashes
• Designing two looks for a photographic shoot

Final Photo Shoot
• Creating two looks for your final photo shoot
• Working with a professional model and photographer


Lips Introduction: Health and Safety

Health and safety, hygiene and sterilisation of equipment

Hair structure - science and theory

Handling wet hair

Selecting and using the correct toolsimages

Styling and finishing products

Lips Blow Dry - Part 1

Changing the texture of hair (root lifts, simple flicks, etc…)

Maximum smoothness

Velcro rollers

How to blow dry with body

Tools and products (thickening lotions, straightening serums, etc…)

Dressing hair

Lips Blow Dry - Part 2 (The BIG Blow Out)

Curls using wind around round-brush technique

Editorial looks

Glamorous dressed out looks

Creating flicks, curls, root lifts, etc…

Setting, backcombing, dressing out, etc…

Styling, dressing and finishing techniques (and products)

Lips Ponytails

Preparation of hair for ponytails

Versatility - different types of ponytail (high, low, textured, etc…)

Proportioning and positioning

Correct tension

Tools and accessories

Styling, dressing and finishing techniques (and products)

Lips Hair Up - Part 1

Different hair up looks

Creating structure and form

Texturising hair (setting, tonging, backcombing, etc)

Rolls, quiffs and buns

Styling, dressing and finishing techniques (and products)

Lips Hair Extensions

Preparation of hair for extensions

The correct tools and products

The variety of extensions available

Textures and quality of hair

Matching and mixing colours

Using glue (application and removal)

Clip in wefts

Wefts and ponytails

Cutting and razoring ends

Styling, dressing and finishing techniques

Lips Curls - Natural and Styled

Importance of client consultations

The effects of humidity

Preparation of hair for curling

Different techniques for creating curls (rollers, tongs, etc…)

Tools, tongs, setting and finishing products

Lips Hair Up - Part 2 (Beehives, French Pleats, and Forward Rolls)

Preparing hair for creating structure

From classic to contemporary

French pleats / Beehives / Forward rolls

Using supports to create shape (bun rings, sausages, etc…)

Styling, dressing and finishing techniques

Lips Plaits, Braids and Twists

Parting and sectioning hair for plaits, braids and twists

Types of plaits, braids and twists (scalp plait, 4-strand, corn rows, fish tail, etc...)

Modern styles

Styling and finishing products

– Creating a Beauty look

– Creating a Red Carpet look

Lips Avant-garde

Creating two looks:

– For a couture catwalk show

– For an editorial photoshoot

Lips Final Photoshoot

Creating two looks for your final photoshoot

Working with a professional model and photographer

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